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More Prayer Stories

Posted on May 3, 2012
Taken from Pray for the Horn, compiled by Martha Richards

AFRICA – There are many stories in the Horn. All of them could use your prayers. Read the stories, pray for the needs and believe in the change.


“Welcome!” she said, “I have been expecting you.”

We were in the rugged mountain countryside far from any road and had been welcomed into the mud home of a kind, elderly lady and her family. We were surprised that she’d been expecting us, as we had no idea of who she was. She sat us down and began to feed us potatoes. “Last night I had a dream. A man in white came to me and said to expect foreigners tomorrow and to listen to the things they had to say. What is it you have to say?” We began to share of the amazing news of the Father and his great love for us, for sending His Son, of His Son’s death and resurrection and the hope of newness of life. Spellbound they listened to every word with bright joy shining in their faces. At the end the whole household believed the message of the Gospel.

  • Please pray for this family who lives many hours walk into a remote, rugged area – that they would continue to grow in their newness of life and many like them.
  • Please pray they would respond to a call to obedience and share with those around them living in darkness.

Prayer Trekkers

Prayer trekkers hike into the isolated areas of the highlands of Ethiopia, sleeping in schools along the way. During the days they spend time in class with students. After the trekkers tell a Bible story, they ask if any students can re-tell it. In one school, after hearing of the “prodigal son,” a 10-year-old boy re-told the story with much more detail than the prayer trekker included. It was biblically accurate too!

His family received a MegaVoice player five months before, and they listen to it regularly. A MegaVoice player contains over 100 Bible stories and is powered by solar rechargeable batteries. Praise God for this child re-telling the story so accurately!

  • Pray that this little boy will share all the stories he has heard with other people.
  • Pray for God to use the Bible stories to bring this child, his family, his neighbors and other students to salvation in Jesus Christ.
  • Pray that all the peoples of the Horn will have the opportunity to hear God’s story via MegaVoice player, radio or by word of mouth.

Timqet (Epiphany)

In a celebration resembling festivals recounted in the Old Testament, the Orthodox of the Horn of Africa gather January 19-20 to remember Jesus’ baptism (Timqet) or the Epiphany. On the eve of Timqet, priests in ornate and brightly colored clothing carry a replica of the Ark of the Covenant from deep in the heart of each Orthodox church to a body of water nearby which is designated as holy. There they camp for the night with these holy replicas. Thousands of lay people join the priests for the night, dancing worship dances, chanting hymns and praying. Early the next morning the water is blessed then sprinkled on devotees. Some dive into the water and immerse themselves.

  • Pray those observing this remembrance of Christ’s baptism will be captivated by the authentic story of His life and ministry.
  • Pray the Holy Spirit will place in the heart of each participant a keen desire to know the person of Jesus Christ and the holiness He offers by His grace through the faith of those who trust in Him.
  • Pray that priests, deacons and lay people who trust in Jesus Christ as the only mediator between God and man will have a significant voice in this celebration and that the true way of salvation will be clearly taught.


When “Seed” and her mother came to the medical clinic, they had all but given up hope. Seed had suffered from a tumor that left her paralyzed from the waist down – incontinent and unable to walk. She had also developed a terrible bedsore, infected and down to the bone. Over the following weeks, Seed began to improve in a way that defied medical explanation. Now she is walking. Better yet, Seed’s entire family is following Jesus, along with many of their friends and neighbors.

Please pray for Seed and her family. Their home was recently damaged in a hailstorm and many of their crops were destroyed. They are still rejoicing and trusting in God to supply all their needs.
Pray their story will be a testimony to the community around them.


Filled with hatred towards her family for how they have mistreated her through the years, Hannah’s heart was full of darkness. When Hannah met a believer, she was living on the street with nowhere else to turn. She heard and believed the Good News of the Light that shines in the darkness. Now she says God has turned her darkness into light just like a candle illuminates the night. Her heart is now filled with love for her family, and she is seeking how she can share the light with them.

Pray as Hannah forgives and reunites with her family – especially her mother – and that she would be bold in sharing her faith.
Pray for Hannah as she seeks to live a godly life and raise her son in the light.


Fatuma went to a clinic complaining of several basic health complaints. After the medical staff talked to her for several minutes, her real concerns came out. After many years of marriage, she has been unable to bear a child. A clinic worker began to share with Fatuma about the Good News but was interrupted. Fatuma was open to the Message and is willing to hear more.

Please ask that Fatuma would conceive and bear a healthy child and that she would give glory to the Father. Ask that the clinic workers would find another opportunity to share with her the full message of the Gospel and that she would believe.

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